Daily Archives: May 6, 2022


And in this memory the GIANT RABBIT is still a giant rabbit.

And so it is now.”

Fart blowers were everywhere. Cushions sucked so much you were going to die, and the cheeseburger smelled like food, and a large bloke was squeezing his enormous cock up the front of the train.

In the newspapers they called it Airborne Toxic Litigation, and I laughed about it with my mates.

And in this memory the large bloke died at the floor. I knew. My crops were ruined.
“Sir GIANT RABBIT. It is your nature. If you are still hungry I know of a village. There is a baker who makes carrot pies and cakes. His wife has a daughter who broke my heart. That’s entirely another story. But I shall give you the directions and you can eat their livelihood too.”

And that is how I befriended a GIANT RABBIT.

That blade which takes i took that made
what cuts I did so did I bled and took
the road that dust and blood uncovered
the path my blade had cut for me.

:: 05.05.2022 ::