SHORT premonitions of lasting lights that come as a soul rejoices when it is touched by true love.
Arms that bind you while flesh is silent upon your last breath. Darts come out of the heart to fall as arrows that break the strings.

How it smells and the sharp pulsing of the heart that drives thoughts in the head. When their mission is to beat the state of being before it does them in.

These are my favorite songs just sitting in a cold winded room touching my lips with your favorite
Chinese mango and lingering in imaginary worlds, while i stand in this room listening to the secrets saying thank you.

All i need now is to listen myself to the next song.

She did this for decades. Eyes closed. Feeling the breath pulsing in the chest next to her heart mind locked in a spiral of touchless love.

My Mind moved away from the body. Body laying still. Body like a tree, not moved and surrounded by calm. and return on this mission to wake with a smile.

She had seen her days seen all the clouds of her road and knew that this is the end. Soon the golden road will be bricked up for her.

Will she ever dream. She, lying still entwined with her love. She felt her body starting to remember the flesh and the life of love. The days on the starry
rooftops but it is over, she thought.

She rose and got up.


:: 05.18.2022 ::

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