Daily Archives: November 14, 2022

9’O Clock Desert

Down went the bare-assed Sun.

UP came the silver cock Moon

devouring light and eating

the twilight desert of that

insatiable monster that is

between her thighs.

:: 10.13.2021 ::

Observations of Life

Blood has a thirst by life;

the heart by love’s promise;
time by burning dreams;
World by passing fashions;
Souls by the lessons learned
and nature no human morals.

:: 11-20-2014 ::

Begging You to Forget Me

FALLING i hold onto you
came toward you
you catch me (again)__
i kiss your eyes
you kiss my lips
whispering, ‘Crash.”

How tall your aura
how small your ego
how you forgive me
forgetting my haste
in forgetting
feelings | how we wear
twisted things to be
like each other’s fears |
fascination ~ crash into me
/into me & i remember you
remember you from untold years
ago when the sun was young and
within the night’s sky yet a moon.

:: 11.13.2022 ::

O’Bluedark Why Lasting

O’BlueDark why lasting Ever
splish-as-echoic budded by
her beautiful i’s is wise when
upon bleedings last drop light ~
my life Chord shivers burning icePass-
shouldn’t we kiss each other’s fireBornMoods
before d r i p p ing Time

drops squenchPinch this moment.

by fire!

:: 04-16-2017 ::