Daily Archives: November 12, 2022

A Corpse In Your Life

i prayed within vomit
the night i died.
i died for nothing
but for a prettiest
no-thing. Not even Hollywood.
Say it! Say it! Say it!
I don’t care I don’t care I don’t mind
I don’t mind wait oh wait did you remind
the Priest to pray for those in denial?
Say it say it say it : nothing exists
called dead-Love so call me and tell me
i’m dead i don’t even care so say it say it
say it say it say it : i’m a corpse in your

So feel my love bone. Compare it to my
dead bone yeah! i’m dead! like so many
believable words stuck inside your head
feel my love boat?
Never. Blue effervescent tongue.

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Play Dough My Love

so pretty so smooth
within my expressive
hands i sculpted love
and wrote poems
sang songs
and stole Cupid’s
girl friend while
making ramen noodles
cause i’m a poet
living inside my head…
yeah. Eat healthy
they say to Humans__
i want to say more
but have a date with

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Purple Youth

LIFE trips knees bruise hearts break
like Love and gentle flowers
what is enough?

to take pain?

But even so i think
like you we learn
and we really learned
a lot how life loves
to burn a lot.

Oh how life isn’t true
and love alive is ~~ so strong,
enough to take all that time___.
away back again right now.

won’t complain.

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Morning’s Skies

LOVE has burst across morning skies
like polite doves and eager Cupid
as praised mornings like adored Life.

We express words; we express life’s art
mine is the sunlight mine born from praise
for God — His re-creation of every new day.

We praise and scream, “Love and Passion for Christ
and Nature’s new world!”
for all the lonely, happy, sad, and destitute
You are seen not forgotten
but dearly loved.

:: 11.12.2022 ::