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O’Bluedark Why Lasting

O’BlueDark why lasting Ever
splish-as-echoic budded by
her beautiful i’s is wise when
upon bleedings last drop light ~
my life Chord shivers burning icePass-
shouldn’t we kiss each other’s fireBornMoods
before d r i p p ing Time

drops squenchPinch this moment.

by fire!

:: 04-16-2017 ::


Lonely broken hearts, in stride
Lady Montague —
She drank to life awaiting death
in runs Majesty’s breath
never speaking of where she’s been

Hamlet fed up leaves the scene,
as Captain Black bends his knee
for the Queen whom embraces Mr.
Beam in Marches ferociously
little Putin — bombing everyone.

Lenin looks up as a flock o’ geese
inspecting the sun and screams,
“Russia’s end so soon!”

Spider Man sinks his silk
upon the violent stupid tongue
arising from the ground says
invisible man,

“who tried buttfucking me while I went
down upon wonder woman!”

Humanity’s self-demise!

:: 04.12.2022 ::


I DON’T even want to say hello
unless the cat has run away
could you be more explicit
in your demanding ways
I don’t even want to feed the fish
who says the ocean can’t live
if your love isn’t given my way

Life was easy when it was boring
nothing more than schemes of thieving
so it was when I woke up this morning
Life is so blue when colors run south

I don’t’ even believe in the fairy
who says the rabbit likes the eggs
and Santa has it easy with his wife
Rudolph gives more than his red light

Life is boring but when I’m snoring
life has more than just a meaning
life is dreaming without a reason
I can dream of schemes…

when I’m dreaming in my sleep!