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Summer Smells of Death and Rebirth

AND ponder the dried once-tender
stems of bountiful beauty
of spreading once-color by
nature’s own heart
clinging to a dream
now faded into the soil
Breasts heave and
men shudder by utter
extant fear//life
with the margin of
once-unstained white
A few deleted unspoken
parts of broken dolls
sadly laying to sleep
Spanked and put to keep
by shelves of dust
scolded hearts interrupt
: punished prisoners.

:: 06-13-2015 ::

Rambling Thoughts – i

the windows are open and there is

a storm approaching.  The beauty of it

 all is that my entire bedroom is now

very fresh smelling.  Is that how

it feels right before a storm?  Love?  Maybe death?  

It is very human to attach a scent to a moment that

no longer exists.  And even more human to allow

time to steal them all away.

:: 0323-2017 ::


so god is not a he
so tell me
so tell me
so go-diss notahe
so go-diss notahe
so tell me
so tell me

that god is not
that god is not
a goddamn “he”


all we need
is to feel
human again

:: 03-30-2017 ::

Between Language & Thought

Why do we struggle for words
when feelings are clearly present
An incongruity between language
and thought. To recover I say
allow the moment to express itself
in manifested emotion;

A laugh, tears, smile or kiss.

Some things are best left simple.



     w I T H  one  eye closed

you sleep and your brain does
nothing at all ~

     While tok'in on hookah

kissing beautiful thoughts
love never falls ~

But forgetting one’s position
in Life /can cause\ pain

ask the Men who walked the Moon
but never forget logic
and the proportion of beauty

Is stellar cosmic explosions
never seen
or heard

but always Loved.

:: 11.14.2022 ::