Daily Archives: February 1, 2023

Sunrise and Evening

Once I watched a tree
of magnificent Eat a
piece of my Poetry

between her branches
i laid the parchment
and witnessed time
devour it within its

this i did before Sunrise
and now for the evening.

:: 01.31.2023 ::

In Love and Half Mad

In love, and half mad. I am stronger
holding my tongue and swear to nothing.
no one knows what it means
no one knows me

Inside i’m dead
that sound? a flute?
retribution for being
more than the life
god gave me?

Who knows?

And who is mad?

:: 09-23-2017 ::

There in the Widest of Morning Openings

THERE in the widest of morning openings
every-all is possible if with Sun and You
it is a morning saying or prayer
a wish or two for a fair day
And there within the widest day we two
are holding hands where ever we be so
the morning is a handshake
and afternoon a kiss for you
By some delicate evening when moon comes
and stars appear to open their starry eyes
your hand upon the face you love
my heart within the one i love
And the world is open for bursting hearts
and no society uttering imprecations aloud,
weakness is bent knee toward you
my hand touching yours forever!

:: 09-25-2017 ::

My Heart Stopped

my Heart Stopped.
then there by
my eternal Stop;
i found myself
always here
how wonderful
and horrorful
life is Dear?
Said Love, “
No love without

:: 01.31.2023 ::

Your Skin Closet

SO you hide yourself
within your skin closet –> and it makes you happy
making happy faces outside but you’re so sad within
breathing your lungs you come back so come back
And if you breathe through holes makes it so happy;
the monster who controls the heart within your Soul
Now if you care about yourself
you will make yourself happy
You really drowned yourself
You really drowned your Soul
Now if you care for self
you will kick the holes
that the monster keeps you
from (and me) from our
happiness — you really,
you really can’t though!
You really knock the
You really knock the life
And kick yourself so you
so you knock us and kiss
the monster who controls
who controls the heart
the heart I always have
loved ~~ always so hide
yourself within your skin
closet and make it happy
making happy faces outside.

:: 11-27-2017 ::

It’s Happening

freeze framed ‘time’ broke all

inside my Soul /Only thing that
works is to mount you inside

my Mind~

the Pleasure is High
 goodbye bad dreams
i ate ice to freeze
 and would i? yes.
 i would /back there
that’s not me\ i grow
when you don’t see me.
 ice is cold dreams
you know i’m the One
who burns within :
  the Sun and me
have a pact to be strong.

:: 01.31.2023 ::

South of the South Pole

Today i took a walk ~

i could not expect to move
south of the south pole

as time and space speak
of Time and Space

i asked Light to walk the
Earth; it did this and met
me many times along the way

undescribed are the particles
called space and time

i finished my walk and realized

there we are.

:: 01.31.2023 ::