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Sea Sickness My Soul

fabulous is
crashing Pain,at,
drowning point
the cutting waves
abashing you
waves slashing veins)
undulating through
quartermaster’s room
the mast that stabbed
that North Star so true!
do fish dream
of love or life?
A Pisces soul
with hook in heart
a harpoon thrust
too deep
leviathan life!
ocean silver mountains
unsmooth solemnly true
–the anchor drops
just this spot
across the compass

:: 01-07-2015 ::

The Spinning Mind

The smile melted
after day and days
the mist called
a Ghost by the town
and how perfectly he
talks but no one hears
him | to see the world
spinning round! the
breath upon the Hill
and now no one wants to know
him and the world spinning
round with our heads in
the cloud and the Man of
thousands poems cries
seeing the sun going down
and the world spinning round.

:: 01.29.2023 ::|

Whispering Wisdom Winds

HOw i am floating because
perceptions are flying: it
turns me On because Life
\it is round/ because all
things blow my mind :
and how i love
and love is new
and love is you
because the world
is round it makes me cry/
and how i can let it be
seeing broken hearted people
agree : we let it be oh yeah
we let it be.

Upon Whispering Wisdom Winds.

:: 01.29.2023 ::


I mean yes
you mean no

i say Stop!
you say oh!

Hello hello

You said goodbye
i said i don’t know
why you said goodbye
but i say hello

why why why why
did you say goodbye?
when I say hello?

:: 01.29.2023 ::
inspired by the Beatles

The Thunder of Warrior Lover

i am the rain i am the desert
i am proper and i am Thunder
and i am Love __my Love.

Call when you need me (as you have)

Windows open and there is
a storm approaching like
a hurricane across the skies
to take my sick child. Come
God eat my uterus and heart.
I am so ashamed and cast you
aside. and send you to Hell.

Hell’s bells ring eternally


:: 01.29.2023 ::

:: 01.29.2023 ::

Oh Liar!

My I ? could i?
Should I? would i?
Wake up? baby…
you’re dead but already
——> been a long time
let me get back from where
i come from a Longley time
i come from __killer and


=are some lives (help us God!)

ahaha. please. help us…..!

:: 01.29.2023 ::

Cloud Flinger

how i found myself:

i live within cement
i live within human
form and sentiment
i hate how i conform
but have no energy for shit
and how my feet follow
orders of Life in this human
form i was born ~~~ deformed
ooh. Made hen. Give me rights
then all foregone as nothing
is a guest in my life! deformed.
So i flew ooh up to the skies
and nestled in a cloud flinger
above you.

:: 01.29.2023 ::

Woman of My Heart (On Mars)

Spent my day with the woman of my heart
we went to the beach and watched waves
and smoked our stuff and drank our wine
we decided to make a new start
she stole my head and heart
so we did oh yeah start a new Life

i went to live upon the precipice of Hope
and she found a Mountain where the children
of Love and the Sun began to rise \seems
she took a dive and had no rhyme to demise
i shed tears and moved along / someone once
told me there’s a girl out there with
love inside here eyes )so i flew there(
arriving i stood up and found my feet
sinking — took a punch to my nose
from a ghost, i think i need to find that

Oh, save me! I’m dancing within the dance hall
of my Skull / oh lovely!\ such a Strong Soul —
but can you live upon the surface of Mars?
No, you’ll never know as he’ll never go
on a show (Earth or Mars)__ .

:: 01.29.2023 ::

Desert Ocean

toNIGHT withIN my dreams i dream of a happy
solitary thing ~~ flying above the land swimming
within the skirts of wind
i can’t keep you out of
(can’t keep you out of) my Head
feeling as one who runs panting
after evaporated dreams
Maybe tell me i should go
to the high lookouts over
the desert ocean
  See?  No one hears it
no one /beyond the mirage
of eternal summer laughs
like me?  Do  you feel me.
Birthing sentences are so
lonely words the gravel of
insomnia make me cry/i don’t
care\the Dew is consumed by
the touch of Death/ snakes
fake smothering rats inside
this house of dance let’s go ~
where everyone is waiting to
shine their light upon that Soul
of emotions. __

:: 01.29.2023 ::  

The Spirit Sings

UNSEEN entities listen
Behind our limpid pupils
a distance before our tight
fists is Fate

the labels of society burn
within my bottled voice ~
but my words burn of nomenclature
beyond these nightmare walls

upon the dark and quiet streets
i spread your trampled body
of cracked brains

the stream of acidic urine upon
the carcass burns the sidewalk

the Spirit sings

:: 01.29.2023 ::