Daily Archives: February 13, 2023

Lover of All

While i ran i thought of it all
what we are and how we do
then my feelings sprang forth
as seeds in seasons
 My nature fertilized the
Air and my tender love/my
heart beat\ is my heartbeat
many centuries ago ~~do stop
, please.  Listen, love is
beautiful but dangerous.
    Is where
     and Music  
are birth from!
    Move your womb!

 come to me pure Soul.

    the lover of ALL

:: 02.13.2023 ::

My Skin Began Trembling

my Skin BeGAN trembling
hearing bifurcated songs
from angels ~~ my skin
makes me cry Within a
beautiful world but here
i am (not a winner)
i ask: do i belong here?
I love control.
with a perfect laugh.
To notice that I am not
around just so special
you cannot see me?
Notice. I am not around
but everywhere special.

:: 02.12.2023 ::