Daily Archives: February 18, 2023

IF Love is a Rose

IF as love-rose by love  eating pure air here
that without our soul  that our mind checked in
snow and frost bent everywhere your beauty
entombed by sanctuary is the truest love
unless unblessed by a mother — are you this one
not if i remember the imagine of thee by my beautiful legacy
though errant eyes confound the human mind.  

    Captive. I have captured
my false society ~~ instead seeking
roses of tranquility and searching
for a woman who has died many souls.

  How not as bastards she chose
to dress her beauty new and this poet
who speaks to me.

Then love is a Rose.

:: 02.18.2023 ::

A Hundred Poems XXXV

fire dance that tipsy prance
and heat adore that wick of lore
the human breathe what you burn
one to perish as one to live
and if my sign be air
would you consume
=====> all me that to dance
upon your wick of flame
should i be — hot as you?

this i wish to be — not flesh




but that fire of you.

:: 04-03-2014 ::