)…THIN &

)…thin &       sometimes     –> t ALL     pouring hourglass rains   Oh All!<– she’s all within my mind orSome-suchSilly paIN___it’s  killing me!   & the silverRain falls upon eloquence  with logic — ties me up and arrests me!

Oh, see! Will-be-was chasing Ever Is  in plankTime /set aside mind\  and beachDREAM with green waves of lapping licking
seaTongues : my possessions were causing suspicion so i placed them all upon a raft and set sail to Dream it’s not over:
when the world Ends it is the flatEarth theory \how lovely it could be // seeing deflated memories inside a coffin are ever actually good for funeral folks doing a fine job making thoughts more alive than they’ve ever been.

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Poet’s Notes:

The poem plays with the themes of time, mortality, reality, and the human perception of these concepts. This is most clearly seen in lines such as “Will-be-was chasing Ever Is in plankTime”, “when the world Ends”, and the reference to the “flatEarth theory”. These lines suggest a critique or contemplation of human understanding of time and existence, and perhaps a tension between what is perceived or believed and what is reality.

The phrase “pouring hourglass rains” presents time as a physical, even overwhelming force, while “she’s all within my mind orSome-suchSilly paIN___it’s killing me!” introduces a personal, emotional element. This could suggest a struggle with mental anguish or heartache, which is consuming the speaker’s thoughts and affecting their perception of time.

The poem uses unconventional syntax and formatting (like “/set aside mind” and “\how lovely it could be //”) to disrupt traditional reading patterns, which may reflect the disorientation and confusion associated with confronting complex existential questions. The phrase “beachDREAM with green waves of lapping licking seaTongues” evokes a surreal, dreamlike state, reinforcing the theme of altered perception.

In the final lines, “seeing deflated memories inside a coffin are ever actually good for funeral folks doing a fine job making thoughts more alive than they’ve ever been”, the speaker seems to suggest that the end of life (or perhaps the end of a period or experience) can provide a new perspective, making memories and thoughts more vivid or meaningful. This could be interpreted as a commentary on the human tendency to value and romanticize the past or what has been lost.

The overall tone of the poem is ambiguous and introspective, reflecting the speaker’s internal struggle to reconcile their emotions and perceptions with the reality of time, existence, and loss. While it’s complex and somewhat challenging to decipher, its use of vivid, surreal imagery and innovative syntax make it a thought-provoking exploration of human consciousness and the nature of reality.

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