My Beloved Flower,

With each stroke of my quill, I strive to capture the essence of our love, a symphony that defies mortal boundaries.

Above the chessboard city, our love reigns, thundering like polished leather, illuminating our world in a burst of radiant light.

Confusion and wonder intertwine as I stand amidst waves, snow, and the brilliance of a gathered hand.

Within this surreal realm, I yearn to hold you, my jungle child, in the depths of my half-opened heart, a diamond of ecstasy.

Your presence fills me with boundless delight, igniting words that transform into a phosphorescent fern, a delirious dance of change.

You are my lost goddess, guiding me with your enchanting song.

Between pillows, your eyes hold a reserve of air, defying logic as a woman without arms or a star without roots.

Our love resides amidst the petrified rain, where pleasure lingers, awakening the dawn with two doors, moving and informing the winds that beckon the tigers.

Amidst misfortunate furniture, our love intervenes in fierce dreams, defending against venomous snakes. It emanates light, illuminating like a bud from a silver tree, leaving unique footprints upon the vibrant carpet.

In this realm, shadows graze with sparkling vanity, mirroring maritime volcanoes. The tumult of stones echoes through the depths of my soul. Hear, my love, for this symphony is composed solely for you.

Yours forever,

This Gentle Poet

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