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“I’ve always had an eating disordered. I use to blame it on stress…” A heavy pregnant pause hung above the room.

“But now I realize it was not who I am but what I am. I even use to blame my binges on how poorly I spin my web — but it is an automatic instinctual reaction.”

Taking off a pair of horn-rimmed glasses the fly, who never lost a patient, looked directly into the eyes of his patient the spider and gently spoke.

“Be who you are.”


:: 03.23.2020 ::


i am clearly mistaken
wishing this band of machines
trumping biologically through
my yard: the wild weeds would
meekly go-away!
the busily buzzing infestation
(within my heart) not aphid
but army-worm and fire ant!
And my woody areas: grassy
smile assaulted by chigger-
bugger biggers than chinchbug!
But grasshoppers invited to
my home! The SpringLegged
leaping thoughts of green-
beauty ~~~~~~~~~~ i
wish to jump as high in life!

:: 07-03-2015 ::