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i hear a shadow walking towards the light
in all amazement i feel tonight is the
deepest of all the darkness

and in all the suffocating intention
i miss the sun but love the moon
its everything i was raised for this night

i was snared when so ruined
begged forgiveness but knew
there’d be no mercy for what
was brewing

One thing is holy
among the ruin
one thing is evil
among the beauty

And i’ll tell you
over lunch tonight

I’ll show you love
I’ll show you ruin
I’ll show you heartache
in all that’s brewing
within me this night //

:: 05-30-2018 ::


BEEN eating ‘mean’ all day
my teeth  are loose
the last thing i did was
punch the woman who laid
the golden eggs but i’m the goose
it’s the Mississippi River Fever and i
fear i’m ten miles down the river
caught in a watery noose

and the Lord
can’t help me cause
i’m in the delta blue death trap day
just waiting for that southern moon

it’s so heavy upon the moss and moving
things without no name to come take me
so take me away cause all my teeth are
gone cause i caught this fever called
the ‘Delta Blue Death Trap Day’
Lord come and take me away been
eating ‘mean’ all day and i wanna
rest in that mud of the Mighty
Mississippi River

:: 08-10-2015 ::