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i hear a shadow walking towards the light
in all amazement i feel tonight is the
deepest of all the darkness

and in all the suffocating intention
i miss the sun but love the moon
its everything i was raised for this night

i was snared when so ruined
begged forgiveness but knew
there’d be no mercy for what
was brewing

One thing is holy
among the ruin
one thing is evil
among the beauty

And i’ll tell you
over lunch tonight

I’ll show you love
I’ll show you ruin
I’ll show you heartache
in all that’s brewing
within me this night //

:: 05-30-2018 ::


my funny bone
has an erection



DEAD is a mighty shouting silence
when-like hills beg to become
MOUNTAINS is likeLove crippled
at fear’s knees //life’s greatest gift
sent away where summerNectar kisses
the newly born Monarch//my beautiful
empty dream is fullWINGs as my heart
—–and bless my peculiar destiny;
Here-where now I set beneath a tree
called I M P O S S I BI LITY

:: ~~ ::


THE first heart to be loved by its most bitterest
friends has died broken and destitute;  a worn
flag flown across all this ruinous Nation
of an Anti-amorous planet and dirty children
throw their mud-crusted hands into the air
and weep for their heroes and whores and addicts
say, ‘Tis the last day of Earth’ \\ Let the shadows
swallow the deepest throats of Hollywood
Let the tendrils of Unforgiven
snake through Wall Street
and Squeeze the puss from
the Wallets of Hungry Warlords
but save the Unicorns and
the Tender Butterfly-Lips
of all the World’s children!

06-13-2015 ::


Sitting so little is
so.  this little
would-be bride in
a kind of cellophane
black candy dress
like misery reaching
it’s hand tearing fine
garments of feelings
I am becoming millions
of broken shards of
eyes that find me
so disgusting
blue windows and pink rooftops,
dirt, sunrises, sewage ditches

and the petals of
picked dying flowers
upon my refrigerator
my eyes still blind
from prehistoric light
while the screams and
moans of assaulting life
rant through Gotham

:: –  ::