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BEEN eating ‘mean’ all day
my teeth  are loose
the last thing i did was
punch the woman who laid
the golden eggs but i’m the goose
it’s the Mississippi River Fever and i
fear i’m ten miles down the river
caught in a watery noose

and the Lord
can’t help me cause
i’m in the delta blue death trap day
just waiting for that southern moon

it’s so heavy upon the moss and moving
things without no name to come take me
so take me away cause all my teeth are
gone cause i caught this fever called
the ‘Delta Blue Death Trap Day’
Lord come and take me away been
eating ‘mean’ all day and i wanna
rest in that mud of the Mighty
Mississippi River

:: 08-10-2015 ::


My promise,
that resolve!
To never see
this lover again
— my resolution,
what steadfastly
I held for some time,
abandoned by just
a moment —
my utter despair!

:: 09-25-2014 ::


Do regrets die away?
some may ask —
a brilliant soul
has such a thought
While some affirm
that yes they do!
I affirm it wears a mask
as regret hides in you

:: 05-22-2014 ::


YOU take away what I gave
and say it was yours
and I remain in darkness
and your needle remains
but I remember everything
and try to kill it all away
but I remember everthing

And you could have had it all
to include my pain and dirt
but ego needs illusions
and that I could not give
you were someone else love
I am still here un-become
a sweet dream for one

and in the end everyone
goes away but you could
have had it all — my
pain and empire of dirt

and in the end I remain
but your end never comes
an eternal pain that burns

:: 03-01-2014 ::


So you have faced adversity too
and sometimes life’s just so cruel
and people can help or let you drown
sometimes they stand and watch
while you wither away internally
But when the rain comes down
and there’s no doubt the pain —
is your deepest sorrow
just remember I’m here for you
a golden friend of the heart
and my soul is here and true
for you I would do anything
so listen to me now —
life is nothing more than love
and anything less is an empty hour

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

i have a box of simple things
and within its walls
i keep memories of you
— on raining days
for my heart when it weeps

so listen to me now
cherish the heart
and its moments
i would rather be alone
then with these memories

has anybody remembered you?
and does your heart ache
when the sun goes down?
i do especially for you
yes i would rather be alone

hearts are made for love
and dirt mixes good in rain
but castles in sand erode
but my love is a wave

i take me with you
each tide away
i believe in you
every day every wave

:: 02-14-2014 ::


WHAT slanders the sun
that makes it fall
a settling of debt
paid by all

Her brilliance gone
but save the moon
within seeping cold
at night repent

:: 01-30-2014 ::


SUCH pain!  I cannot refrain
from the deepest regret
My need to greet your words
wishing freshingly painted
upon your notes scribbled
But fate or other monster
bestowed this trick
that my heart would fall
for one who long ago
passed beyond the flesh

:: 01-27-2014 ::


HAVE regret for nothing by words
If south were North then Heaven would burn
Instead the heart should ponder the mouth
Lest words could cut the cords of souls