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The nasty dark night ate the sun!

The farmers wailed against the dim moon,

“Be sane, or make it otherwise!”

Yesterday i awoke with a torn brain

against lover’s thousand acidic eyes

ripped apart by dying beds.

My screaming wish held but just Ourselves–
and Immortality.

:: 12.21.2020 ::


NIGHT is a mushy killer of

daylight whose victim

destroys shadows flattened

entities felled by object(ions)

-(prison splits minds, you)-


a dreamy jury listens -!-

DAYlight rises vampirically like

the first felled Angel /(that

holy golden blood nourished it’s

first victim called



nia //.\\ )    in  a  world  that

continuously dreams.

:: 07-16-2018 ::


i hear a shadow walking towards the light
in all amazement i feel tonight is the
deepest of all the darkness

and in all the suffocating intention
i miss the sun but love the moon
its everything i was raised for this night

i was snared when so ruined
begged forgiveness but knew
there’d be no mercy for what
was brewing

One thing is holy
among the ruin
one thing is evil
among the beauty

And i’ll tell you
over lunch tonight

I’ll show you love
I’ll show you ruin
I’ll show you heartache
in all that’s brewing
within me this night //

:: 05-30-2018 ::


UNDER the silver-eyed moon
where it always hangs
it spoke by way of Monday
i saw upon the horizontal
fence the eyes of a cat
too, its eyes spoke
and three eyes now
upon my soul, counting me
— five in all
Soon the clouds had shut
the moon, meowed the cat
and skipped away
leaving me with two
i could watch Rome
with five but two —
too few for my to-night
But the cat exquisitely ran!
But not so elegantly the moon!
And me, two eyes two feet
two glazed, too stiff
where i always hang

:: 11-11-2014 ::


WHAT slanders the sun
that makes it fall
a settling of debt
paid by all

Her brilliance gone
but save the moon
within seeping cold
at night repent

:: 01-30-2014 ::


Disparate dreams of a sort
between day and night
One bathes in light
the other in twilight
One be diurnal —
the other nocturnal

To touch a daydream
under blue sky
is lost to those
who only dream at night

But the night does offer
the grey shade of moon
where lunatics bask
whilst chasing eternity

:: 01-29-2014 ::


A SLUMBERING breeze blows
beyond clambering hills
and conjures a song
So somber from trees


Crystal silence sings
a painful burning flesh
and threads in dreams
devouring numbing stings

So stiff the twilight
that constricts my throat
I muffle a yawning cry
from dawning fright

The moon…

Lay pale in listless shroud
and death is no wonder
In varnished white clouds
comes rumbless thunder

Never a stretch in mind
Oh, fiery blood, crackle bone
Only limb, neck and hair
Sharp fangs– a soulless moan

And you…

Forgive me, for I am cannibal
so romantic and tragic is my tail
Slaying both human and animal
always beneath a moonlight pale

I am the shadow

Beneath your footfalls
and dark cold light within
In tearless eyes of yellow
My hunger screams for you

In your dreams

I come, nimble and serene
Prancing first for smell
toward scents you resemble
and within your morbid dreams

I will always scream for you

:: ancient ::


HEY mystery girl
where do you
come from?
I come from
the land of
a hidden world
You can reach me
through a rising moon

Who do-you voodoo
tonight girl?
I could should-you
fool-you tonight
Baby gonna make
me forget it all
She gonna burn
the pain from my land

Where do you plan
to go tonight girl?
I’m gonna spread
all my love tonight
Where you gonna
start my love?
Gonna start right
there in your heart

She gonna make me
— all right
Piece me
— all back
together this night
Go ahead voodoo girl
gotta make sure
you get it right



FATHER who art in Heaven
allow my emotions to wither
that I can live a normal mortal-be
the streams of feeling overwhelm
it can be torrential I know you see
my blessing such curse within my skin
a lightening pole for stormy needs

So I pray just to you — if I can
just to be a simple drop of rain
crystal-clear and wet with tears
to fall from heights so great and tall
just me and my fellow tears is all
and at night when no eyes can see
the swollen tears I shed for thee


When the wind bites the heart of that lonely lover
and the living have gone to bed and escape into dreams
you walk that empty wet path on Bourbon Street
away from jagger eyes slacken smiles the blues pull you in
Mother, should you have killed me
the winds wouldn’t be biting now
I want to climb back into that time
reverse the walk and bleeding talk

Confused child where do you come from?
I come from a land so far away from here
my ticket says, “From the deep beyond”

Won’t you take me back
To that land from beyond
I want to spread a lot of love
Wont’ you take me back
To that land from beyond
I have something to tell you

So I take that walk again — beer stained stones
sultry notes of blue and pain filling the air
And I don’t mind your bite anymore mistress wind
the pain is better than the kiss of empty death