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EASY was media     until words became
digital (you love . yourself now) Oh,
humanity i swear i learned how to not
Love Myself (the location of all enemies
upon a plane) m y l o v e  died, flower
too and my lip dried — what should
we do?  flaccid penis and dry
vagina?  from head to toe we
think — i won’t complain:  the
famous steel within the condensations
receive gratification always — WITHIN
MY BODY of glass — I grew with love
from you (a lot of bad blood) bad news
she before 100
-better than everyone.
   I am on a level plane; no complaint.

:: 08.15.2020 ::


my drowning
t h r o at
rushing pure
feelings …
water! Life!
Are we not
born between
chaotic waves
where we live
as King & Queen
in Sand Castles!?!

:: 08-01-2016 ::


AND sometimes i will not
ever be that for you
If staring at me you will
see life round-tightly my
eyes ; a driver called
‘misfortune’ watching its
meter as i stare out the
mobile cave upon vibrating
cilium realizing your heart
is shaped paramecium!
The interesting unicellular
ciliated protozoa lover
– a predator-prey love!

:: 07-03-2015 ::