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a creeping chill throws me cold: t he
skies have t urn SEPIA AND i completely

utterly melt into each word

birth’d — this elegie betrays the poet;

a confession unburdens the Spirit — you

are reading about the me of ‘i’ have always

loved you |mia /i shall meet you again to-now
within the theater of my Soul sure, sometimes
i have concern for the world as it continues
to devour my Feelings and sensibilities.

when can i love you again?

:: 03.24.2020 ::


i was there when you took your first breath
just a bundle of love and the mountains moved
and i forgot how hot the sun burned
i saw you take your first step and even
your dance anytime music played — we
held hands like soul-mates and now you are
the sun and i’m the jealous sky; my sweet
dearest daughter i’m missing you so
So she took her love and went forward into
the skies and felt an arm in her heart
one who says, “if you forget the sun within
it’s jealous skies, i’m here always for you”
And she felt as her hair came down: i am your
love and daddy — let’s forget the sun in it’s
jealous skies
i forget the sun within it’s jealous sky

:: 07-11-2015 ::