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we wake up with a beating heart \ wondering how mud can be so alive:
i am so overboard drowning within embryo
and sharp words
worst than most and so i escape
(i feel it less when my unformed feet move)
so along dirty thoughts and stares
i run through the streets
if my words were stars and if my breath
were wind of the Earth until the End
CREATIVITY and entertaining thoughts here
___ y e a h ___ the last Spring I tasted
before i found it hard so hard to find a
loving World i found you so hello
the stupid mouths of critics
DENY IT live within the MOUTH
of undeniable words__.
Of Your Love!

:: 07.19.2020 ::


THERE once was a home  where love was drunk
say do you know south? it’s near hell on earth
and i like tinker toys a classic toy that brings
grandparents, parents and kids together
–when i was a kid culture was in a dish
of phlegm and raw pain
spools, rods, flags,
washers, and end caps!
and if undetected mental health issues keep people
from bouncing upon rubber-walls
build a windmill! using the hands in life of the body god
gave me!    and i refuse to eat after psycho-surgery
tak!  tak!  talk with me i’m so lucid i cut flowers
with the edge of the burning sun
burning — tinker toys!
aah!  away!  got a Living
Will and do not resuscitate: everywhere i smell semen
and crushing ovum eggs upon the sidewalk of life!
yellow chicks are cute
as flesh-babies just born
Baby breath burn me!
:: 08-05-2015 ::