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Hi so high!
you know me
we go so far
far away we
pretend we live
oh you know me
i love dirty words
kangaroo pouch
were i keep my
secrets and you
are so dirty /words
over ramparts into
the crease of zero
night:we are strangers
to the light and
contagious to the cross
–a symbol of self-assured
knowledge of incomprehensible
meanings::yeah oh yeah
the monster of assumptions
so i gave you a gift of anger
so make it your tower of
meaning, leaning, forceful
living to entertain your
meaning /-/and we are a
pebble in a river
a blemish upon a face
a health condition
in a cardiac ward
so hello hey you oh yeah
feeling stupid and failure
in a trash bin next to
aborted fetus
the world is a puss bucket
of confused thoughts

:: 08-07-2015 ::


THERE once was a home  where love was drunk
say do you know south? it’s near hell on earth
and i like tinker toys a classic toy that brings
grandparents, parents and kids together
–when i was a kid culture was in a dish
of phlegm and raw pain
spools, rods, flags,
washers, and end caps!
and if undetected mental health issues keep people
from bouncing upon rubber-walls
build a windmill! using the hands in life of the body god
gave me!    and i refuse to eat after psycho-surgery
tak!  tak!  talk with me i’m so lucid i cut flowers
with the edge of the burning sun
burning — tinker toys!
aah!  away!  got a Living
Will and do not resuscitate: everywhere i smell semen
and crushing ovum eggs upon the sidewalk of life!
yellow chicks are cute
as flesh-babies just born
Baby breath burn me!
:: 08-05-2015 ::


if an ant
i could crawl away
if the boss walks
he sees
and crushes me
under the heel
and i hate authority
–if we could get along
we push the walking boss
out the window
and i love you
and i get lost
in all corporate law
i say burn the paper
and rewrite it in love
and i lov eyou!
so get it on with
that smile 😉
no need for a walking
boss //insect swarm!
attacking smaller animals
and bosses are MICROPENIS’
PSEUDO males looking for
approval–saddest greek
tragedy AND FUCK YOU!
AND WOMEN in authority?
well, that’s another poem!

:: 07-23-2015 ::

010110100100010101010010010011110101001100100000001001100010000001001111010011100100010101010011 (ZEROS & ONES)

Zeros leaving //crazy//
like a hole in my heart
Ones too like a gypsy
just a digital bomb
holding a broken rose
and your laughing eyes

i’m so mystified…

you’re a mystery
a soul without a home
and I’m so confused
like a dog begging
for a leash to hold

you sitting pretty

We’re the new generation
throwing life away
upon a social wave
of silicon media
But I’m too burnt
so I’m trying to say
just to you — you got
the best of me tonight

Catching zeros and ones
across the glass I hold
Sorry but it’s true
you got the best of me
holding your broken rose
and my crying eyes

Oh, I’m sorry but it’s true
your zeros and ones
got the best of me
and we’re throwing away
the best of life that’s real

:: 00110001001100010010110100110001001110010010110100110010001100000011000100110100 ::


HOW many likes does it take
to get to the center
of an ego



Despair!  What name
given by the devil.
Made me try to eat,
yes it did, try to
eat the sin of
hope — I told it no!
And the world, and nations
and states and peoples
took a bite, yes they did
bit into that apple of
the One but I say,
“you may have an answer
but not my question
and the world isn’t
so neat and I worry
for those who think
it’s so” —
The world, nations,
and states, and it’s
peoples, love that bite
yes they do, an apple
fallen from the
tree of life!

:: 09-25-2014 ::