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i dreamed a dream so wonderfully sweet
  dreamed a dream of if and then what
i dreamed
  struggling to never awaken
  struggling to never remember
i dreamed
  and within many tears awoken
  wishing i had never ever
dreamed the dream so wonderfully sweet.

:: 06.21.2020 ::


IN ALL my likeness i let her in as a sun
in my dream and in my heart
i took the reins of reality in all our
hope; it came as an open space and the
elders of twelve said, “all is real
and all revealed” i read the book
of the One in the universal library
and tinker bell laughed — she
said, oh, “oh! what you see will
not be revealed, it’s all just for
you to see!” So i refused and awoke
and grabbed a pen and began to
write: but saw only blank pages
of the book of all of life and the
answers of all questions — revealed.
In all my dreams and all my hopes
i sleep to remember but like lit bulbs
of sun sinking it’s quite clear, oh, we’re not
to reveal what it all means while
in flesh ||

:: 07252015 ::