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MY confession
what be it may
stately said…
I do adore
hedonistic lore
And my passion
borders beyond
— the day of light
into a fray
some may fright
But at the end
of any day…
a brilliant sun
and nymph of light
rules out all
— it is my sweet
love for life



WITH the cold greet of a night moon
something stirred within my soul
nothing human or even creature
a nameless feeling – I fell awake
And I walk amongst the few
who know the feeling of walking too
like a stroll within a river
each footstep thick and clever

I greet the moon and her cloak
a silver shower of comfort too
and my friends — the nocturnal
are ones who know my nameless face
we live the night and sometimes even
mostly a kill I’d share with them
but these nights even so much more
an ancient lullaby of tragic lore

Tonight I taste the silver light
dripping across the twilight land
and though I cannot your name remember
the lust and hunger for you is alive
I’m hungry for you…still hungry for you
very hungry for you…