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Bathory —
or remedy
for tuberculosis?
You — eccentric
woman of red
drank the souls
of all the dead
And Mary Shelly
licked the dreams
a color of Carmine
— raw pigment
of creativity!

:: 08-21-2014 ::


Wet Fall morning spiral
puddle love death step
I saw a wolf give birth
a lamb with fangs too
Her name was Emily
she walked with prose
and I love leaves falling
The earth my paper book
a jutting branch my pen
and river my wet deep ink
My Emily she is Queen
a golden rainbow meets
my heart string stuck wall
and she drives my dream
carriage wheels spinning
white gown garden secrets
It. blew my mind last night
when she said to me:
‘I could not stop for death..’
So I ate her soul and now
she lives within my heart

:: 07-03-2014 ::


The faceless indescribable thing
approached me from across the way.
My heart, racing as my blood froze,
while a single piercing tone drowned
my ears. Mere feet away from me
it’s wax-like hands reached out to
touch me. All I could do was
stand upon my marble-legs and
silently scream as I watched its vaporous
body violently shift and phase. This, yes,
this is a lost soul I realized
as it gently touched my cheek.



life is a stranger in boots
snake skin patterns moving
through wet night streets
and that blooming howl
on Bourbon Street cuts through
what’s left of your dark soul
Jazz notes falling into pieces
across reflective night streets
And when you’re strangely happy
you know you’re snake skin too
And when you’re deranged beneath
moss trees on a pirogue floating
a night spent in LaLaurie Mansion
will make the best
of other-worldly friends
life is a stranger in boots
and snake patterns know the moves
a cascading undulating twist
through Mississippi mud too
Marie Delphine LaLaurie loves you
She will invite you to stay a night
and that slave you become is ghostly
a torture for a slice of social life
And the mobs outraged == she fled
or maybe not…the moss knows

:: 04-22-2014 ::


IN my eager need I stepped beyond my living soul
into a place which kept those yet unseen goals
Such a surprise today I met!
To see the future and my life;
the good and sad and grand
and the ones who have I
loved, met, and died —
upon their lips they sang
to me, “achieve all my dreams”
within your life;
another step I took — returned
and now believe my dreams.

:: 03-20-2014 ::


MY sight not of a keen eye
nor spectacles to shape edge
it is a hidden thing in secret
one not mentioned in daylight
it tells no tale of word or scent
and color — hardly present
but reveals past-futures-past
an end-state and beginning
all depends upon singular point
that consciousness travels —
across quantum foam oceans
infinite possibilities
for you-us-one-me

:: 03-14-2014 ::


Now to rear
my ugly head
and all the thoughts
contained therein
so many fantasies
all beyond reality
I have known alien,
incubus, and life
spoken for the dead
and those on the way
mysteries revealed
and some contained
I have seen all:
murder, rape, death,
incest, and most of all
disregard for true love
I have no expectation
from those that read
only that they hear
and if they remain
mute, so be it…
let life sort it out
if not, then death
surely will

:: 03-05-2014 ::


I saw a rock hit the abode
and oceans swayed below
only sky remained dried
this my friend, deceased
showed a decade ago
And fires that burned
an Earth, opened hungry
that gapping mouth for life
and fear fed Judgment

:: 03-01-2014 ::


New Orleans I return
for just a moment
to kiss the witch I know
and drink and eat blood
A most mysitcal place
and most enlightened
spot for me to frolic
Five days from now
Prepare yor proper
I come warlock fashion

:: 03-01-2014 ::


(C) ep robles 2012

IN a dream there I went
at first thought —
i must awake surely now
for i found myself inside
another skin

curiously i watched
as a mouse in a corner
imperative do no harm
then revolt consumed
decency for i knew

just a parasite i was
great haste leaving —
i left the scene
and awoke as a criminal

:: 02-14-2014 ::