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Dream the Quantum Dream

I dream the quantum dream
in another place
Like world events somewhere
are no concern reflected
I feel connected at times
by tears as like bullets
And Jesus come save me
My tears are steam
My heart a scream.
It’s all a dream
It’s all myself
a photographic
dysmorphic laceration
and so I scream.
Born on a way-Station
light-years from you
and blown way down
into your world —
I scream. I scream.
Gentilia your satisfaction
and I’m a vessel for infection
never disregarding intellect
so I scream disregard affection.
And the year is Rooster
and I should know
so now I go — simplicity
is a reason for necessity.
and I scream this is our world.
:: 10-01-2017 ::


I took this secret journey just me and my mind
and what lay before me i could not understand
and night into day bled and i met this holy man
and his wisdom was his world
and he told me what I’ve never heard
and his light were words i heard
“You will understand light in this
darkness, you will know what compassion means,
you will learn to live and love
and no thing will harm your soul.”
His blindness was his wisdom and my ignorance
was my pain but when you make your
secret journey you will see light in this darkness
and you will meet this Holy Man

:: ~~~~~ ::


MY confession
what be it may
stately said…
I do adore
hedonistic lore
And my passion
borders beyond
— the day of light
into a fray
some may fright
But at the end
of any day…
a brilliant sun
and nymph of light
rules out all
— it is my sweet
love for life



BLUE rains falling
— a taste of pain
Mother Earth smells
— her moist soil…
pre-natal assault
reminds me of you
I was born
before I had a soul

Laughing rays
— the sun is a whore
— she gives her light
to everyone…
I don’t want you
to be a star
unless you shine
just for me

Blue rains falling
it drives me insane
Blue rains falling
we’re one in the same

I can’t even walk
— a cobble stone
let alone
— a lifetime alone…
unless you give
to me your love
Who says two lovers
can’t be the same

Blue rains deliver such love
you will see such love in darkness
And you will find such love
when you find your heart in him