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The sun rises as hope,
the wind is singing,
the small birds twitter,
the soul is all bitter,
my mouth is closed.
every animal weeps
within its cage
their heads never raising.
as a hole feeds deep within
our hearts — but if everything
around you is not quite as it seems
are we all we wish to be?
like an army defeated and so afraid
to see.

:: 07.17.2020 ::


LIKE life anyone like
my love — so fascinated
by love, I gave so
many tears, like my
forgiving heart.

I died between love
and all the smiles
simply, i say
you’re not the one
== my uninvited

I cried like rivers,
his meaningful purpose
flowing blood from me
by rocks of my River,
i bruise so easily.

And you, you’re alone
and my ghostDream now
drowns in my puddleTears
so deeply is anguish
a skirt burning like sun
and my heart-soul too.

But you, my wishful one
are so uninvited by me
and now like life, anyone
like my love — so fascinated
I walk into woods forgotten.

And you like expansive hope
makes me die when i’m alone.
i have no route inside my heart
instead experience tells me
you’re not invited but ghost

:: 11-05-2014 ::


LIFE bitterly love bit me
a kiss that burned my heart
such love that sank its teeth
o’er my spirit it tore apart
the dreams that dream of love
in pepper-tears laced in salt
that born I be my only fault
life bitterly love-love me

:: 02-21-2024 ::


SUCH a surprise
that time brings
a larger span
of knowing
by existing
and living
That life at youth
— bitter sweet
but upon the bed
of death
— sweetly bitter

:: 01-29-2014 ::