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WHAT imagination does
the young heart lives
such an old soul dreams

Moving about in dreams
sometimes a night we skip
falling stars glow-burn

What imagination gives
the young heart sows
such the old soul believes

So on this special night
the night gladly warms you
and gives you common space

Brothers and sisters live
in a brotherhood of man
imagination cherishes you

:: 12-31-2013 ::


I LIVE with you
within my heart
It has no door
— lest you escape
And windows
— there are none
The meadow is here
— for you to lay within
And the sun shines!
— as do the stars
All are within my heart
— beautiful souls may come
but I shall never let go!


THE reason for living one’s life
in basked light and giving hands —
you breathe within me a calming need
to bathe at length within your love

The smell, a drunken passion in you —
sweet bumblebee (that’s me)
to pollinate my fields so far and wide
with your golden liqueur of nectar spirit

The tickle of my probing need so gently
upon your burst-colored skin —
just a taste is all I need!
Nature turn these petals into wings…

…and come fly with me!



YES it is so very tender
fragile to the touch
what a breath could break
but somehow — I do not know —
with you I trust

So tread so softly upon my heart
tip-toe across emotions like a ghost
and always remember this the most —
love is indestructable but not my heart


Happiness is not predicated
upon him saying, “Yes”
but rather, you accepting
his response…