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I SHAN’T be long this day
for I am gathering
the brood
Sister bring the daisies
as sometimes
— the hare devour
Leave the cupboard spirits
and tend to father’s farm
— my hands are raw and bare!
And tonight I have a grand affair
the genteel
— sprouts my field
and I’ve nothing for my hare
Your foolery spoils my day
curse be a ruined affair!

:: 01-22-2014 ::


I WAS walking with the devil
yeah, on a hot summer’s night
said to me things not heard
in the light of human-day

Moss-throat stuffed my voice
gator breath stole my soul
up yonder is the pearly gate
but you ain’t got the gold

— can’t enter it today
Says I, “cry me a river”
baby, cry me a river
of blood and tears today

Ain’t that the way honey
when the river flows
— it flows the other way
So we be going and going

Across the river’s way
going to make our way
through the night and day
sweat our soul like nothing
until tomorrow’s day-ya!



WHAT imagination does
the young heart lives
such an old soul dreams

Moving about in dreams
sometimes a night we skip
falling stars glow-burn

What imagination gives
the young heart sows
such the old soul believes

So on this special night
the night gladly warms you
and gives you common space

Brothers and sisters live
in a brotherhood of man
imagination cherishes you

:: 12-31-2013 ::