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SINGLE SPORE of my libran heart
how wonderful to be drawn into this messy abstract Art.

Painting, wishing, dreaming sleeping upon the hard bone of
a dead blue whale’s penis.

Eating orchids. Tasting essences of yesterday’s highness lift shit
so we can wrap it all back

A cedar box of millennia traps where kings and queens souls weep
dream of incarnation — perhaps!

oh hey. wait. i left my car keys upon the kitchen table while dreaming
of my surprising thoughts — no invites.

Oh, fuck. I tasted the baby breath when a saucer flew over my head and
spewed angel hair all over my head.

Hey. wait. i didn’t flush the toilet and now forever am i indebted to the
clean police of refuse. Covid lips taste politicians passionately — govern-
ment box of cedar fox; succeed. indeed.


:: 10.13.2021 ::