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I have tasted death for so long
and now I have learned its meaning;
so now wearing skin and bones
as if nothing is real; a head
and spine of existence
And everything I once loved is far
away gone; all left for reasons
of their own
(I cried and these tears were not
And how every soul lies upon
the carpets within black spots
on the billboard of skin
Begging is an art and mostly
never heard:
My mouth
My head
My heart
My stomach
empty …
The forgotten ones
have blue gills
and stiff arms
that strictly move
toward the skies
AND sleeping is blessings
so much more, better than nothing
and love died sleeping.

:: 12-22-2017 ::


so i died just today like yesterdays and
i’m a friend of my own mind so ugly
And today i sang angelic songs cause
i’m so past flesh … yeah, past
yeah, past yeah past …
And if i’m lonely i speak to myself
and once heard how
faulty my pluming is from the bottom
to the top of my sun-bleached skull
yeah yeah yeah
yeah oh yeah
I carry your corpse within my heart
I killed you when you died ~~
and ate the funeral dirt in my holy mouth
and now so happy cause
in my head i found years
of everyday i cared 4 u
i’m so past flesh
yeah, past!
yeah, past!
yeah, past!
and if i’m lonely
i just speak to myself!

:: 08-05-2016 ::


i scaled.
when sands said
‘no reason’
i sought death.
It was my name.
the beautiful face
of flowers sang
i was drained,
to expect love
when shadows eat
all of one’s soul.
But I did and so,
i scaled.
when odds begged
‘no reason’
i sought YOU
and love
saved me

:: 02-05-2015 ::


LIES came to feast today
upon sun bleached bones
I rode a bicycle across dust
as swords cut the ankles
of my sweet freedom
Mother called for me today
I saw her face a stranger-be
my tears crumbled her soul
and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness
nothing to kill or die for
I imagined what could have been
And my hope is for some day where
we can join as one and be love