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if i am to be vacant of companionship and communion with you

then all has been my own dream.  

i have dreamed of a field

spread-loved by graceful golden wheat and you, the wind

which caressed a life-war torn spirit; trembling hands.

my own as-had as dreams as worn as ancient book bindings

~ lost within the smolders of everywhere.

was youth easy when anchors were drawn upon the bow

and all waves were frolicked star crests upon our arms?

picking up the discarded shells of the battle front-life

a patch of beach-white untouched by strife;  i picked up

a pitted murex and placed it next to my heart.

:: 04-08-2017 ::


My longest morning begins
without you
The cherished sun-smiles
that hides with expectation
the cloud bellows white
the sheets wet by fitful
dreams of losing you.
WHEN did moments charge
in blood? And between spaces
bent fingers reaching for you?
Oh where, where is this “YOU?”
My passion –>
dearest love
[perhaps a heart caught
in the throe of passion
is a blue-jay egg within my

:: ~~ ::


i was in war when the call came
speakers blaring ‘take cover’
and you said goodbye dear
continents away in flesh and spirit
went the dream into the fire
why were you so quiet?
when heaven fell.
Baghdad is a adolescent face
full of acne
and the sand damper killing
So carefully I crawled into
the foxhole and cried for life
and love — one war won (i lived)
another lost (in love).

:: 10222015 ::


WE walk upon the lemon slice
like-Earth spinning dish
a garnish upon our plate
a heart full of pie
and i love your face
it makes mascara smear
when i taste your heart

oh, moon like a drop
of caught tears!
i crushed you there
in my fist,
and on top of day
i forgot your name
when i taste your heart
it makes mascara smear

Oh well, oh yeah
it’s an open space
oh no, oh my
i died forgiving
just two hands upon
a wooden cross
and mascara smears

:: 01-11-2015 ::


in the echo i heard your name
a hollow thing rang in heart
inside a bell the bats flew
what i knew i could not see
but my conscious knew it well
we took too much time and today
our paths should have never crossed

my belle dance the shadow night
until we meet another place
another time we’ll give it all

i could ever wish to match
the beauty of this love
this beauty pure simple beauty

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

i have a box of simple things
and within its walls
i keep memories of you
— on raining days
for my heart when it weeps

so listen to me now
cherish the heart
and its moments
i would rather be alone
then with these memories

has anybody remembered you?
and does your heart ache
when the sun goes down?
i do especially for you
yes i would rather be alone

hearts are made for love
and dirt mixes good in rain
but castles in sand erode
but my love is a wave

i take me with you
each tide away
i believe in you
every day every wave

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) e.p.robles 2012

when the words cut so deeply
do you cry for a lost love
when a long day comes to end

and has anyone ever said
they love you in truth
chasing ghosts away most

i can say love is my heart
and what darkest sorrow
i could never give it back

and you cry death away
and life cradles you
lovely soul hold on

and listen to me now
i would rather be alone
then betray such a love

so when the wind cuts you
and when you look away
know i am always with you

:: 02-12-2014 ::


WHEN dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where broken spirits meet
below the equator of my heart

And when you last spoke
not your songbird tunes
it tore through my heart
and I was just so broken…
the pieces scattered
into a frozen wind

When dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where my spirit went to die
below the equator of my heart

And on and on I still can hear
the songbird tunes of your heart
So long my dove I wish peace
within your beautiful life

:: 01-30-2014 ::


LIES came to feast today
upon sun bleached bones
I rode a bicycle across dust
as swords cut the ankles
of my sweet freedom
Mother called for me today
I saw her face a stranger-be
my tears crumbled her soul
and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness
nothing to kill or die for
I imagined what could have been
And my hope is for some day where
we can join as one and be love



BY what measure
to determine love
Surely not during mingle
but upon separation — I say

Then only does the heart —
feel what it has not
The mortal wound of happiness
— // —