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So, what if my childhood was full of drama?
Did it (maybe) twist my soul into a pretzel
or a mobius strip of confusing mental traffic?

Anyway, who the hell am I talking to, maybe you
but more likely myself while I’m trying to loosen
these ties around my body (mental hospitals of
the mind are worst than physical ones).

And how long my skin has contained my brain
but never my mind — a strange roof, thinking of love,
words, and sex.

And my mother — a fish that swam away and her heart
resembles a touch of frost like a frozen lake within a
forgotten mountain range and within my most
sacred dreams everything is beautiful and nothing hurts!
And Bradbury swears, “it was a pleasure to burn”
\and flesh of 1.61 feels it’s a bit dramatic to think
beauty is over-rated by any golden ratio but the most
tender lover would never say to her that nature is by
far the most beautiful creature!

:: 12182015 ::


mother dear lover
who distilled
such fear between
my life and love
i share with you
a tea cup of leaf
and read the bottom
portent futures bleed
a separation of life
mother i loved you
but your womb
has no vacant sign

:: 04-04-2014 ::


IT has been the same since birth
first the traumatic life of entrance
into such tenderly love…
both of mother and loving mate
followed by horrific separation
such we humans suffer in fate

:: 02-03-2014 ::


THE abyss of the maternal
from which we spring forth
the deepest love eternal

:: 01-25-2014 ::


YES I confess it all!
Lost am I in detritus shall
nature is such a pansy
I could blame her all
but clearly it is me
whose weakness — the stalk
my flower falls

I seek the single note
ivory key opens me
ebony be my fantasy
carry me away fluidly
carnival ride waves
dreamy rivulets be
tragic tone keeps me

Life is mother
— mother ate me
me so silently
— strength beneath
her layers of skin
smothered me
Her baby I’ll always be

Love-me kiss-me
smother-me hug-me
melt me womb-be

:: 01-22-2014::


LIES came to feast today
upon sun bleached bones
I rode a bicycle across dust
as swords cut the ankles
of my sweet freedom
Mother called for me today
I saw her face a stranger-be
my tears crumbled her soul
and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness
nothing to kill or die for
I imagined what could have been
And my hope is for some day where
we can join as one and be love



FOUGHT in the trenches of France
the screams belied the deeds
Instead of ‘for country!’
more said for love of mother

The trench reeked of gas
but the tents smelled of smoke
if you had’em you smoked’em
boots rotted and socks to hell

The voyage to paradise made
— Lady Liberty with her staff
as stiff as any military man
the diesel smoke choked many

Prohibition ran into my roads
From Chicago to musty Atlanta
bullets, broads, booze and brute
there I met my fate in rain-lead

Say nothing to the solider
speak low my ghost-friend
you were there too – I know
even though you don’t remember