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LIFE: is anyone worthy? i am so flattered by your fascination with me.  
i am so weak and ulgy but by water frogs like any hot blooded woman i am not too  much to crave: but  fascinations with me.  I am simply an object to crave — but you (so kind and invited).

It must be because it is expressly existed to see the skies part and my heart bleed.
You sheppard my causes but you, you are not alone but enlighted by charity.  The One I love so much.
Must be a soul with a hard shelled heart who knows desperate measures.  
But you, you are not alive but enlighted.  Slight.  White hands moving the air and
making words and uncharted emotions grievely.  YOu speak of my love for you
and have experienced death.  YOU.  Thus, you are not alive but invited for uncharted
words.  Emily Dickinson.

:: 07.15.2021 ::


A living soul gave me a message

“You are remembered within your grave”

and i should reply:

“the biggest fire is before sunset
when families reside upon
a wooden table to fest in life”

And i should cease to breath a terrible
whistle sound by six pm
and (thank you Emily)

“No Coward Soul Is Mine!”

:: 07-12-2015 ::


SUCH pain!  I cannot refrain
from the deepest regret
My need to greet your words
wishing freshingly painted
upon your notes scribbled
But fate or other monster
bestowed this trick
that my heart would fall
for one who long ago
passed beyond the flesh

:: 01-27-2014 ::