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if you walk with me disregard the dead souls
walking along with me
they impart delicious thoughts of their past
and give me unsolicited guidance. i will show
you my dark secrets if you walk with them and me.
the leviathan of life has a gaping mouth that
eats all things beautiful: hint — all living
things are beautiful forever.


and i am tired of being accused of being
homosexual: i would rather be bisexual so it
opens the field wide. so beyond soft-liness
than screaming more sing

:: 09.17.2020 ::


I’m not the average type of soul
and my scars would not show it.
I keep things tidy for the masses
lest they realize the stranger
who walks within their crowd.
I died one day when I was months old,
drowned within my first bathtub.
My mother who was 17 didn’t know,
she should have kept her eyes
upon the bubbly baby in water.
I do remember one thing though
her running down the street
with me in a bundle screaming.
I saw the skies and they were blue
and then I lifted upward for a visit.
She made it to the hospital,
my flesh was saved but in the end
I reconnected with that which I
had left to be here in this world.

I’m not the average type of soul
but there are many like mine…
we punched our ticket early
but were turned around.

:: 02-24-2014 ::


SUCH pain!  I cannot refrain
from the deepest regret
My need to greet your words
wishing freshingly painted
upon your notes scribbled
But fate or other monster
bestowed this trick
that my heart would fall
for one who long ago
passed beyond the flesh

:: 01-27-2014 ::


SO powerful is love
that fate bends
to appease
it’s divine needs