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(c) E.P. Robles 2012

mirror mimic me
show me shadow
perfection glass
give me lies…

mind me mirror
speak easy
flowers —
mist of perfume

tonight is sin
tomorrow beg
grace above —
who forgives

time burns
my flesh young
plans in plans
i trick you…

twisting fate
upon my finger
command you —
with my power

tonight I dance
sing and kiss
tomorrow wake
put on my face

:: 02-06-2014 ::



i had a date
once a while ago
and we drank
and smoked
and ran the talk
in the end
she said
you’re f*cking crazy
so we left
and the road
sucked us up

and I fled
below the dirt
and found a gem
a crystal skull
full of hope

:: 02-06-2014 ::


Feelings reeling
Nails tearing
Tears shedding
Chest heaving

You forget promises
Let kisses die – wind
I begin again

Such lost – no regain
I fly like butterfly
Nectaur sings to me

Sun play my color
Display love no other
Nature whores lovers

Bass beat me under
Earbuds love my canal
Skin so soft pillow cover

Wash me away in fantasy
Satin sheets cover
My secret love with you