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i  sleep so tired
My head so worn
And talk so cheap
Like when I sleep

They come for me
All inside my head
And when i pray:

They say, “Talk so Cheap!”
i don’t think i’ll survive
Cause every single night;

They come for me —
Those ones within my brain.

Dream police
Come with handcuffs
— You know when we talk
And those false rumors
Keep me awake every single
Night driving me insane!

And those men in black
Live all within my head
— Well i cannot tell
If i fell to sleep Tonight!
Every single night they
Drive me so insane and all
Within my BRAIN:

I try to dream — but every time
They persecute me all without
A judge or jury and now i stay
Awaken with one eye closed
To keep away the zombies,
Vampires, wolves, and
Monsters of this zone!

It’s the dream police —
ICE, and governmental
Whores; the people of
Every shade.

Like, talk so cheap.

:: 01-23-2018 ::


Feelings reeling
Nails tearing
Tears shedding
Chest heaving

You forget promises
Let kisses die – wind
I begin again

Such lost – no regain
I fly like butterfly
Nectaur sings to me

Sun play my color
Display love no other
Nature whores lovers

Bass beat me under
Earbuds love my canal
Skin so soft pillow cover

Wash me away in fantasy
Satin sheets cover
My secret love with you