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two tiny fleeting feet
rushing mushing mushroom
upon chase of time
so early in morrow
morning kisses
says rooster:
not fair i have no roost!
says the butterfly:’Sweet’
before nectar drinking
and Cupid signs: “All lovers
need a drink of Spirited Love
to start a Romantic Day!

:: 08-27-2015 ::


WHEN he says “I love you”
do you feel an angel’s breath
upon your feathered heart?

And when you walk hand-in-hand
do your feet glide upon heaven’s land
like when you dance in golden light?

I cannot partake in a poisoned arrow
that which I broke off from my heart
time has passed since we said goodbye

I used to say my soul was salvation
we use to play and sing in elation
those were times I keep inside of me

If he loves you like I loved you
I could not think of you as I do
Upon my hands I would fall to Earth

And the angels sing
a pardon for the heart
I can only say
my soul was my salvation
and we used to play
and sing in elation

And the angels sing
a pardon for our hearts
and the Earth takes a spin
just for us
and we can dance again
eternally at heaven’s gate

:: 01-29-2014 ::


LOVE my love
never dies
sometimes weak…

But you keep
a fire lit
— between us

In the night
such might
bequeath us

Such delight
the arrow
— of Cupid…

Binds us…
— as one

Never leave
but believe
such a gift…

rare is love

:: 01/20/2014::


SEEING you and him in a wish
I shall not pass by this night
but cast an arrow across your hearts
spark the light of love — your souls
light breaks — daybreak loves you most
a new day of love for you both
and I sling my arrows your way

All I want is to give love
and love is all I can give
and all is the air I need
to breath the love into you

Tomorrow comes and many other days
gracefully taking time in stride
and loving your time eternally
and all you want is what I gave
and give I give each and every day

I am so cupid — loving you all
nothing greater than giving my all
farming a soil rich in lust and love
nothing better than to give my all

Tomorrow I bring
another lover
to their love
its all I can do
to give to you



I CONFESS my disposition to the world
the nature of my being — my soul
that of romantic and tragic spirit
quarter me, pierce me, kiss me
but never break —
the beating heart within me


Feelings reeling
Nails tearing
Tears shedding
Chest heaving

You forget promises
Let kisses die – wind
I begin again

Such lost – no regain
I fly like butterfly
Nectaur sings to me

Sun play my color
Display love no other
Nature whores lovers

Bass beat me under
Earbuds love my canal
Skin so soft pillow cover

Wash me away in fantasy
Satin sheets cover
My secret love with you



You have a wonderful smile…
atomic…The light of a sunset
before it explodes across the horizon