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A Heavy molar likes to
hurt me so painful
sweet tooth in my
heart aches like
the tooth ache
and did you say
you are ashamed
don’t make me pull you
mister dentist says
you are so like me
loves sugar and coffee
:is it the trend of
living in shame
aaah! i really hate
to love you and we’re
really weak and smell
like lovers rubbing
on the mask of the
dentist pulling the
molar of our soul

:: 07-19-2015 ::


No! Not YOU, the one who
lives on 5th and MLK Street
but bares a cross across
his chest and two bullet
wounds upon his back.
Yes! You! When’s the BBQ?
I have three crucified chickens
and one pig burned at the stake
waiting for the hungry masses
who forget their prayers at

Who’s bringing the beer?


:: 07-03-2015 ::


STOP  beat  breath
breath beat stop
carnival dance
illusions entrance

lover beat-kiss me
enrapture the wind
vocal tenor capture
life slide beside me

what more be wants me
melon slices quench
strawberry kiss lips
butterfly tender tickle

love god angel hug be
father take me-light
save dark-them see
we fight slay ill see

::  02-27-2014 ::