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absolutely maybe if wings flew
without a bird’s body and the air
lifted ground as outer space
filled inner spirits

then all things might be
equal and if so then what?


Which is arguably a ‘something’
less than 1 but greater than
less than zero.


The devil’s insidious plot to
madden the human mind with
intangible monsters that chip
away at the glass floor we
all ignore and rarely look
down upon
we might see the super-
structure of reality then.

What then?


:: 09-21-2018 ::


but if i should say
first ‘good morning’
a torch of even seas
a clip of bellow sails
a cut across the wrists
telling all:  all sorts
of quickly things on
the crest of ‘isn’t me’
and heaven sees
the slate of that
nigger face(but
i take a ride upon the
razor-life of innocence
if my mouthMoving speaking
‘isn’t me’  let me glib
sprinkled words  god has
short apron strings once
a male now myself
so I sayTHANK YOU all
so very muchCUT myself
and i love how the world
burns hurting and loving
every brain but not the
Souls of ISN’T ME let me
hold lips and Eyes of
the h ate and  f ear
that cuts innocence
:: 09-02-2015 ::


Hi so high!
you know me
we go so far
far away we
pretend we live
oh you know me
i love dirty words
kangaroo pouch
were i keep my
secrets and you
are so dirty /words
over ramparts into
the crease of zero
night:we are strangers
to the light and
contagious to the cross
–a symbol of self-assured
knowledge of incomprehensible
meanings::yeah oh yeah
the monster of assumptions
so i gave you a gift of anger
so make it your tower of
meaning, leaning, forceful
living to entertain your
meaning /-/and we are a
pebble in a river
a blemish upon a face
a health condition
in a cardiac ward
so hello hey you oh yeah
feeling stupid and failure
in a trash bin next to
aborted fetus
the world is a puss bucket
of confused thoughts

:: 08-07-2015 ::


i always have a dry mouth
i speak in my dreams and
breath air in hope
when i am a sleep
then the sun awakens me
like a simmering yoke
and i think, smiling;
i’m the bacon and my
blood the orange juice
it really is a solitary
moment: no one else is
here when i awaken
but my dreams follow me
in the short mornings
me stumbling for eye drops
and bc powder and socks
being human means i have
skin and flesh so i have
to make do with it
more busy awaken as meat
then being light. well,
i mean, being me.
so someone says i like your
poetry but it means nothing.
i think if someone said
‘you are nothing but speak
with words — who are you?’
would be delightful.
i’m striving for
ambiguity and nonsense.
and i dream of the crash!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


if an ant
i could crawl away
if the boss walks
he sees
and crushes me
under the heel
and i hate authority
–if we could get along
we push the walking boss
out the window
and i love you
and i get lost
in all corporate law
i say burn the paper
and rewrite it in love
and i lov eyou!
so get it on with
that smile 😉
no need for a walking
boss //insect swarm!
attacking smaller animals
and bosses are MICROPENIS’
PSEUDO males looking for
approval–saddest greek
tragedy AND FUCK YOU!
AND WOMEN in authority?
well, that’s another poem!

:: 07-23-2015 ::


it has no eyes
nor a heart
and no flesh
or a mouth

it is the IS
of devouring

and who loves
it ? how do
they not when

pain rules
this world?

We are separated
by life and death
and both walk

this tiny world

:: 07-21-2015 ::


No! Not YOU, the one who
lives on 5th and MLK Street
but bares a cross across
his chest and two bullet
wounds upon his back.
Yes! You! When’s the BBQ?
I have three crucified chickens
and one pig burned at the stake
waiting for the hungry masses
who forget their prayers at

Who’s bringing the beer?


:: 07-03-2015 ::


FOREVER nothing
no t hing
just a mixture
of DNA and skin
hahaha __> evil
scientist and
psychiatrist say

” Y E S ! ”

So I reach inside
their skull and show
how well I sit on
the thought of
Mother Universe
Say you are a hater
say I am bacon
Say you like beer
say I am a wineo
we’re all the same!

Manicured lawn
pink flamengo
white picket fence
drive way up to me
inside through my doors
see how life lives
not a tv show dear
the monster skin of life
comes alive!

Say you called the
police and then we smile
all the sane incarcerated
and I have a kit kat bar
so I’m well fed in my heart

:: 06-27-2015 ::