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Dead Girl’s Smile

Not that anyone cares.
In the lightless hall striking scores with hands, toes, thighs, waist,
the gesture becomes language itself; surgeons wear masks, the women wear masks.

Mirrors on the walls
Reflect glasses on eyeballs
As heads, arms, hands, feet,
And legs are moved and erased,
Draped in skin-tight gowns
Which hang from feet,
In corpses’ striving twists,
Untransfigured hands grasp pillows
as they are pushed back to lift dressings,
as they try to fold clothes which flutter to the floor like bared breasts

As heads are pressed into pillows, like soil into seed.

And he is no doctor.
A vampiress is there, and she fixes her eyes on him, her mouth curling
to cast a dead girl’s smile when she speaks to him in Her foreign tongue.

When he leans over her to press the mirror to her forehead
as she is being lifted for transfer to Healing care, It is a mirror
Of life, and he asks his patient

What she sees,
And she responds,

“You see?

You’re dead.”

And now her stories and poems appear in public space, best poets, prairie Schooner.


:: 10.25.2022 ::

The Wolf Ate The Princess

“If I say something often enough, it becomes true,” said Hal Garrigan, stroking his chin.
“And what are these things I said last night, these transcendent things which are nothing?
I just said there are no monsters, that we’re never really alone, and that we don’t have
to belong to anyone because we’re free to go where we like. And we can make love all night,
and sleep all day.”

Those are all true, aren’t they?
Those are really true.
But what’s missing is all that the best poetry has to say.

Ah, yes, all that bit about the hot breath of the beast on our necks in the dark, and knowing that the smallest movement can cause the very earth to blow apart, and the silence in the place we live is only a mistake in the playing of the piano.
That’s a grand idea, isn’t it?
A mistake.
I have to give thanks I thought of it myself.
Otherwise I might have been quite insane by now.
Well, madder than I am.

I don’t know, maybe even crazy.
There are things we’re not supposed to think about.”
“Like what?”
“All these characters in fairy tales.
The king, the princess, the wolf that’ll eat you up and the princess who keeps telling you she knows the way.
The wolf that’ll eat you up and the king who’ll send him to do it, and the princess who’ll let him do it.”

:: 10.19.2022 ::

Razor Ink Pen

THAT it’s you, adored the cloud in skies
is how i love mine as chocolate lips
eating me | cherry whore | bring love
inside this heart so adored ~~~

I cleaned your teeth while you slept
the last of a kill devoured like a gun
to my head

It’s you i smell so
pretty i’m so hungry
How i forfeited everything
to eat your heart forever _ words shall never be Apart_ like the razor
of an ink pen i pull your
crooked teeth and hook love
all inside a mysterious
world called Life.

:: 10.19.2022 ::

Bonnie Lass

My bonnie lass | My bonnie lass
I called to you I cried
I ran I wailed
I crossed the blue blood
The desolate sand___

I lay you on the dry grass
I laid you here in these windswept woods
in this desolate wood my love
My beautiful lass You don’t like me
You don’t want me I can hear your voice.
No, that’s wrong.

I see you You’re gone You’re in my arms
You’re gone Your body’s broken
Your breasts drenched In my sweat
You were never mine Never mine
Your face is pale You’re still wet
You’re still naked Your bones exposed
But your drenched flesh I cannot forget
The tears
Your voice
I don’t care
You’re a blossom
A bloom
A flower
And I see you

I see you as the crabs fight over your flesh
Nothing remaining of your plump breasts
And that is how i like you
My flower.

:: 10.13.2022 ::

Theory of Everyone

Every word ever written is within my Head
Every way of thinking, every idea in my Head
I feel as if I’m falling into a giant Mind
I feel as if the whole world is nothing but me

To know I’m alive, I am the universe
To hear I am the silence
To see I am the light
To touch I am the history
To feel I am the time
To think I am the point

And I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
Underneath the smooth darkness
that I can’t see, the body still sings
Underneath the deep sleep, the soul dreams
Underneath the sleep, the moon sets
Underneath the bright sun, the stars glow

I am the world, I am the universe
I am the Mind, I am the World
I am the Lion, I am the Lion
I am the Fire, I am the Fire_____.

:: 10.12.2022 ::



WHAT fear that burns
that all the eye can see
the morning bird upon a tree
such burning truth that melody!
sweeping morning clear the night
erasing visage of thick-white fog
and the mortal soul
who is lost within last night
upon this beautiful day
of mourning light!

:: ~~ ::


PUT to sleep my dreams
and give me familiarity
send to me a ferocious
phenomenon of 1920s
where i find myself
where i find myself
again . . .
an age of dramatic call
of social and political
change — i prayed
i knew what i did
so many years ago
i became what i am
a gigantic uvula
of perturbed gesticulation
 of all the faces passing by
i’ve no choice but to follow
bright lights, people, and the
moon at night  and what i do
is so wrong; you’ll never
hear my feet or my presence
in the sharp fang of my teeth
I could never show my face
at noon and you’ll only see
me walking at night by a moon
I’ve a face unrevealed
  and the hands of a priest
while i stalk you  feeling
how trapped i’m in this life
like an innocent lamb
always walking by the light
of the moon;  i’m the face
of a sinner and have no shape
while the moon hangs over you
:: 10042015 ::