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And then, this good morning, how happy and glad you will be, day by day, week by week, year by year!

Who has not seen the dawn?

Who has not held the joy of sunrise?

When it came on, what was it but as if some eternal light had given glory to the world, and as if the future was made glorious before we saw it?

The air seemed full of it, and my soul, not wholly in tune with the day, seemed a full box of sunshine.

All, just all, was so lovely that I felt that it would not have been justice to anyone to send a low, dull, oppressive day to him.

If this morning did not deserve my raptures, I wondered what could possibly deserve them.

There is nothing in the world that is so delightful.

How did it get like this?

It is in one way to have these good mornings: this morning, this morning!

And yet the world was not designed for them.

Its beauty is only of such a loveliness that we are stupid if we can look at it without seeing the future glory of it.

To have them in the wintertime, when life is just beginning to stir, is something too wonderful to be seen merely as a convenience.

In order that the golden beauty may be present, the following conditions must be in operation.

First, a bare, clear sky must be free of clouds.

The sky has no dignity for its beauty if the heavens are full of clouds.

Second, no wind.

No wind is there for the clouds to play in; the sky should be entirely calm.

Third, no fog.

A night – fog, or fog that comes up like clouds out of the low country, is ugly and unnatural.

Fourth, there must be a break between two of their souls.

To crawl upward to the thin crust of Earth.

:: 03.29.2022 ::


PUT to sleep my dreams
and give me familiarity
send to me a ferocious
phenomenon of 1920s
where i find myself
where i find myself
again . . .
an age of dramatic call
of social and political
change — i prayed
i knew what i did
so many years ago
i became what i am
a gigantic uvula
of perturbed gesticulation
 of all the faces passing by
i’ve no choice but to follow
bright lights, people, and the
moon at night  and what i do
is so wrong; you’ll never
hear my feet or my presence
in the sharp fang of my teeth
I could never show my face
at noon and you’ll only see
me walking at night by a moon
I’ve a face unrevealed
  and the hands of a priest
while i stalk you  feeling
how trapped i’m in this life
like an innocent lamb
always walking by the light
of the moon;  i’m the face
of a sinner and have no shape
while the moon hangs over you
:: 10042015 ::


i am the undead buried for centuries
last time was the 1990s i roamed the world
so the clock strikes three hundred years
and the undead in me returns to the world
from a crypt in New Orleans — i saved me;
crawled out and into a new world
where no human exists and even blood
is nonexistent. All shinny cyborgs
and non-emotional entities rule.
my eyes see the evil microscopic
living things born by hands long gone
: human no more and i find i am

:: 07-30-2015 ::


but it was you who asked
for eternal life my love!
Sacrificing sun for the moon,
the lamb for the creeping
thing.  Now you say you want
to shop on rodeo Drive during
the day!

I just want to bite you
all over again!

:: 09-19-2014 ::


concerning the vampire

humans are worse —

the vampire drink blood

but humans

consume the carcass


:: 03-27-2014 ::