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mumble-fumble sidewalk stroll
watch the lights turn red
i’m so dead says a friend i once knew
a blue beetle on broken glass
so blue so me so sharp
all the rest of me
so don’t hurry,arrest your steps
in memories of a yellow sun
my life like rails on a track
derailed by stop-n-go filling
tanks of forgotten vacations
a little boy licks a lollipop
looks like gold and smells nice
(i once knew) don’t look down
there’s no shoes just a beard
and needle tracks
so mumble-fumble sidewalk life
a heart more calloused than my feet
but the sun keeps them warm upon
the asphalt toward hell

:: 09-13-2015 ::


Gave a pack of cigarettes
and a chocolate bar to
a homeless man —
nothing else to say
Say, the pain and loneliness
and smell of years without
love– and his shoes
like a life worn too well
burned the sole of all wishes
he never knew and I said
everything’s my fault
he took all the blame
and we laughed saying
we like Kit Kats and so he
struck a match smoking
a cigarette
And like the smoke we
all fade away
fade away in the end
except for compassion
and time bites us all
I’m so much like you
homeless within a world
of hating hearts and soul

:: 06-27-2015 ::


Truth be told I could not sleep
before I said a word or two
about young and old that toll
in a cold world without a blanket
or a morsel of food for the belly
I walk down the street and see
a sea of humanity between paradise
ones that have a car the other dying
human look at my life I’m a lot like you
a paycheck away from disaster
but I have food and a blanket too
so Jesus come today and spread love
give us that mana from your basket
and do a trick or two before we all die
we need someone to love us
to love us the whole day through

:: 02-25-2014 ::