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EVil is a heart racing
leaving shadows behind
In this daylight everything
is lit with a target —
so you try so h ard
to hide.
Evil is hard breathing
& wishing to hide: no rock
or coverage can hide you:
— wishing to survive
then evil finds you
– the rest is humanity.
everyone just everyone!
wants to taste you and Devour

:: 07.04.2020 ::


i should be a worm
deep inside the green
whatever should i (else)be
cause there’s nothing else
to say — so i write;
some (so many) say i have
no right – no apologies
Within the Sun i Walk
like creme sherbet
so nasty no assault
(glam and wrong — freezer
burned/ i am blamed_) within
the sun – oh Mary! to walk
upon the Waters of our Thoughts
all alone all lonely all
a lone we go we go we go wego
— what else should i be?
nothing but the Sun
within this Sun Mary! Oh Mary!
i wish i was so easily
confused; so that i could grab
all the shame (infamous choking
upon the ashes of my sun)
oh the sun! Mary!
oh Mary.

:: 07.03.2020 ::


I was the perfect
appliance for you
fitting so nicely
between your stove
and kitchen sink

I saved you time
and cooked dreams
a perfect buddy
I wiped your tears
when your apron
hugged too tight

I reminded you
of a promise
your tears soaked
into the stonework
and my song
killed the moment
when I sang it…

I am a dream
in your brain
a domestic fear
you have to run
a perfect dream
so special dear
you run from me

I promise dear
a warranty too
our secret washes
and cycles heat
leave no stains
just lemmon bright

I save you time
a special moment
when life holds you
and role models die
but sweetheart hear
that you are perfect

you are a dream
more than he knows
you’re fucking special
so fucking special
you are a dream girl
and i love you so much

:: 04-14-2014 ::



I saw a reason today
to walk into a war
and she said it’s okay
and I went for family

and i was a brave heart
and mortars fell beside me
and the day never ended

one day I took a phone call
and she said today my dear
something has changed
and it’s my heart

I took bullets and death
and my dream was for you
and the children at your feet

she used to love me a lot
and I remember the good times
and prayed it’s not too late
to start again to start again

but her bullets tore through me
and her war was more than that
where i was sitting that day
and today i am a casaulty

she used to love me
yes, she once loved me
but the war is now won

I gave it my best shot
but love is an enemy at best
and God has His plan for life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


I am living with the dead
the past lives who touch
that part of me that lives
such sorrow i compress
and confess my tears
that those who live
have no touch to give
that life may richer grow

:: 03-18-2014 ::


Truth be told I could not sleep
before I said a word or two
about young and old that toll
in a cold world without a blanket
or a morsel of food for the belly
I walk down the street and see
a sea of humanity between paradise
ones that have a car the other dying
human look at my life I’m a lot like you
a paycheck away from disaster
but I have food and a blanket too
so Jesus come today and spread love
give us that mana from your basket
and do a trick or two before we all die
we need someone to love us
to love us the whole day through

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

SISTER who did this to you?
What I am is less than zero
Sister give me his name
I am just a ghost in flesh
Sister stay focused with me
What’s that saying about life?
Life, and Death, and Giants [Dickinson]
I pray for you and me
and what does that say about us all?
I don’t care about everyone else
I just want to be me
I want to tear apart his face
and take back the jewel of my heart
Sometimes I want to rip out his throat
Just to make him as vulnerable as me
Do you hear what I am saying daddy?
What does that say about me…

:: 02-04-2014 ::


The measure of a man — not in his salary
In fact his currency is determined in fortitude…
pain and diversity being the true benchmark of maturity

The bedrock of conviction in his determination of decision
disallows the change of course by those who shout and defer
He is the oak tree that stands after torrential rains and wind

The measure of a man — not in height or fashionable wear
His walk tells the tale in sure stride and measured steps
Each footfall a thunderous testimony of his path in life

To those that know him praise the undying conviction of life
represented by his acts of compassion for love of family
God is his anchor and his ship sails the vast ocean of ‘Now’

The measure of a man — not in his house nor his title
but the little ones that gather at his feet at day’s end
and a loving woman that understands she is his reason to live


I SAW what I could not touch
beyond the pane of a glass
the distance a mere foot
but the reach beyond doing

Blood thicker than water
they say with a smirk
but I know the meaning
it belies the truth

Such longing is a blade
that cuts beyond the soul
with transgression as insult
a cold silence my shadow

Born into a circle as one
pushed and discarded aside
colors bleed black grey
and red dries with cries

A life review will say
in turmoil, rot and decay
what I could not this day
Express to all who knew