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stone monolith cry
shaped like humans
they wept boulders
and Earth below
shakes tremor love
oh, think twice
what paradise lost
it’s another day
and we all cry

I am a loser girl
and you are lonely
and we cry same tears
think twice today
we are humans living
in a stone paradise
glass towers empty
and fake smiles too
what heat love heart
a clover in fields

maybe we shed cover
and clovers beloved
and you call out
to the crying clown
he gives you balloon
and that smile drawn
is it you or a dream

Do we cry for paradise
or a chance to love
and what can we say
lipstick magic smile
for a day in paradise
what can we sing girl
just another day
in our dreams or chance
I choose to believe

I believe in love
and life and dreams
and fantasy beyond
what flesh-blood
believes in paradise
just a man in a street
and the cold makes
me believe in warm love

:: 03-17-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2011

AND when the wealthy become the poor
and the poor remain as before
who shall share a portion
of bread and water — even more
Tis the humble-poor who know no life
that weakens a soul through luxury
by far the poorest give the most

:: 02-18-2014 ::


OH ME! The humble mute of stupidity
in my emotional turmoil I spew
senseless verbiage of love and toil
and common disease of social ill
But truthfully I say to you all
I am nothing more than a ghost
who walks amongst the beautiful
Forgive me, if you can I pray
for my arrogance and misplaced deeds


TO be one step
from the precipice
of the last chapter
of your life
and have the miracle
of a helping hand
pull you back —
indescribable relief
and such a love
beyond belief