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and today I slay death
it was my way
knife  heart
blade and life

what light
strength or frail
truth for a man

and the council
those pompous twelve
non-human but eager
to learn

Earth is a grand
battlefield petal rose
red soil and bitter torn

in dream or fear dear
lackey heart weak near
the hand grab my heart
hero save what shadow

old man or bag lady
do not stare this way
for all had is given
move along tomorrow

today the gift is given
softly   we praise Him
who always gives more
those flowers in fields

:: 03-12-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2011

AND when the wealthy become the poor
and the poor remain as before
who shall share a portion
of bread and water — even more
Tis the humble-poor who know no life
that weakens a soul through luxury
by far the poorest give the most

:: 02-18-2014 ::


AND WHO is that child that runs
through the forest in day or night
and picks the flowers by your path
sometimes even within the rain
a shower — then rainbow he climbs upon
The gold never ends at the bottom
but lays on top — the world to see

And who is that child that cries
when the pain and suffering
does seep between the window pane
the world — our world — he feels
without his eyes but within his heart
and thoughts and colors bursting pain
the Council watches from other-there

The child of light and brighter days
The child of light and brighter ways
Come unto us child, and bring your kind



To thee I say:
What is the most beautiful poem
that kindles your heart so brightly

for mine heart surely knows
what brings the morning light
and the sing-song of birds

Before me I clearly see such prose
your heart, face and soul
Is thoust most beautiful poem