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stop this sound stop these words
i hate myself wish i loved life
a worst day i ever had
and inside my mind i know i’m strong
what should i do?
i got so high and felt so nice
when i saw a bee stinging me
but did not feel her sting
what does it mean?
why doesn’t it sting?
and the finest day i never had
realzing i’m so strong so
what should i do?
i’m insane? it’s so plain
i’m sick in body maybe mind so
all these words say, “write me down
and never hate yourself!”
I can’t complain! i’m not insane!
i’m just waiting for you
:: 07-05-2015 ::


LOVE! ; YES I am parts
but One of Someone’s
own heart;   my head
apart from the rest
and thankfully myt
soul exists ELSEWHERE
;  doubt say you?
come here
see me here and somewhere
else –>  there and there!
my thoughts idle horizontally
worthless self in particularly
essence of what I, We, and ARE
the monster of that mad man!

06-13-2015 ::


I EXPANDED this line between space and time
(and) time and space between lines EXPANDED I
So funny how life circles into balls of light
(and) light balls into circles — life, funny-So!
Madness I see in such visionary sight
(and) sight, visionary! Such “in-see” I — Madness
There, I take my leave as the white coats are coming
(and) coming are coats — white || leave! Take I — There!