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\HAVE regret for nothing by words:

If south were North
then Heaven would burn
Instead the heart should
ponder the mouth
lest words could cut the
cords of souls



i recall the times so long ago
calling you until i lost
count oh…

all the falling tears
of a thousand years
and more

so sick so dead so sit
there and bleed some more
while i stab

memories of what-was
what-has has-been so sick

pushing against ember-tomb’d
walls encased unspoken dreams
i scream my heart out __
you dreeeeeam fondling
broken protocol

I know (we’re fools)
that time’s a school
stuck in now forward go
reverse the must of
fucking can’t do

ember tomb’d
ember’d room
sap a glue
encasing you

and all the tears
of a thousand years
and more

:: 07-14-2018 ::


stop this sound stop these words
i hate myself wish i loved life
a worst day i ever had
and inside my mind i know i’m strong
what should i do?
i got so high and felt so nice
when i saw a bee stinging me
but did not feel her sting
what does it mean?
why doesn’t it sting?
and the finest day i never had
realzing i’m so strong so
what should i do?
i’m insane? it’s so plain
i’m sick in body maybe mind so
all these words say, “write me down
and never hate yourself!”
I can’t complain! i’m not insane!
i’m just waiting for you
:: 07-05-2015 ::