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NIGHT is a mushy killer of

daylight whose victim

destroys shadows flattened

entities felled by object(ions)

-(prison splits minds, you)-


a dreamy jury listens -!-

DAYlight rises vampirically like

the first felled Angel /(that

holy golden blood nourished it’s

first victim called



nia //.\\ )    in  a  world  that

continuously dreams.

:: 07-16-2018 ::


wakes up at miserable

NEEDS-TIME a stumbling poet/every

step a letter – BUMPcrashing

fumbling into E; dangerous letter

as a spike like F;
C so smooth like a soft chair;
X to prostrate oneself a C R O S S;
B squishy boobies like Aunt Olga
who lost her secrets within a
dilapidated lie.

Alpha bets are big winners
and sometimes sore losers.

If i could have a word with you
i would use all alpha bets to
just express my imaginary world.

Then. Love?
Never mind—i always
lose that bet.

:: 07-16-2018 ::