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PLEASE sir, take away my eyes
you see the sky’s all wrong
spinning around (whatever i do)
it’s her, Mother Mary crying
upon her knees screaming;

i did it all wrong
and what i’ve done
cannot be undone

whatever i do
whatever i do
whatever i do

it’s all wrong
but all so true

Touched the skin
of a celestial being
just a little thing
changed me
changed the world
begging you take my heart
you see all that the world feels

i feel
i feel
i feel

the sky spinning all around
no matter what i do

:: 01-23-2019 ::


MoMA i cannot give my children
away ||| the walls are lonely

crucifixes — flatSURFACES making
tears |/and\| resurgence of

ways i have died. ‘ Simply ‘ is
no word that exists in this

universe, dear. And infinity are
spaces between whole numbers;

ONE s t retched in2 a hope
of reaching outside the caveBONED

life of souls my dear. We only
have each other and my heart

aches i cannot feel any longer
than this:


i love you, too.

:: 07-01-2018 ::


I watched a tender
blue sky seep into
sleep and
experienced dark claws
of rough black earth
awaken me
And the moon itself
sucking bones and
dirt from Earth
into a funnel
toward Heaven
This I saw while
being born
This I know as
each small day
i die slowly //

:: 08-07-2016 ::


so you left a note (that) hung
upon the air
magically floating in the air
i tore it down with my tears
where nothing is a particular thing
and it cuts my heart reading you –>
you’ll never see the courage
that i have shown today;
it burned the world within my heart
and how the devil has a summer house
as bright as a star — All within
the space of a few hours
life and death — rebirth became
a furious fire. Goodbyes are a
promise, dear. And for the strong
souls — only said once.

:: ~ ::


WHEN i am alone i am with you
my heart’s aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of life crying. Life give me
the answer of what i am.
When i wait here i hope for
your gentle smile and love
your insides a pleasant
surprise. And soft hair
touches my deepest love,
it’s throbbing!

Then i put on my face
and walk the streets again.

I smell you i feel you
then again i write my prose
and my heart closes like a clam

Inside the universe there’s a
soul burning with you
i don’t want to be without you
tick as i tick flowing like time
i embrace your world with eyes
rolled back, a pool in time

Come please, forget this world
and jump into my world
when i am a lone i am with you
my heart’s aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of this life crying.

:: 11050215 ::


IN quiet nights i see how
we kissed goodbyes and knew
how love is so wild like
memories that wain
upon trees and bluejays
but through the time
i kissed your tears
over and again
with eyes that know
how shadows ran
across the breeze
in brush-stroked love
So say hush my heart
let’s watch the yonder
where celestial wheels
roll across the blue
spirits crying.
we sketched our hearts
in the chill of seasons
and how i know now
all the words you said
and i did not listen
and you suffered insanity
but now i see how flaming
flowers blaze within you
and weather-faces blow
memory — and how i
love you now.
Quiet nights comforting
floating clouds.

:: 10222015 ::


Yes a long burning cord
is pacing over the plain
-ly bared necks and we may
have everything we wish but
still hearts bleeding and
embracing vulgar
materialistic laughter
but if i should say
goodmorning and say to you
your throat is a world
and the oceans words
and your touch is God

:: 10182015 ::


we werelings like savings (trolls dancing
beneath bridges) coins in pockets clanging
like silver hearts whose words like lips
closed speaking and two foot liking
here of this earth dancing Eine kleine Nachtmusik,
K525! we order a life and they send us a thought
(like someone ordered pie) and let us dance over
smashed words — open broken vows of oath so
trembling cracked — smiles ~~ i see nothing
but drenching spray of pink and white and reds
all across this unbelievable lovely life! So dance,
sing! Twirling souls have no time for fear
or hurt or pain!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


YOU say, ‘love, so be it’
and i will pretend i am
ready || you whisper
within hot skin ‘I want
to place all my secrets
within your heart’
until i get out of all
this mess//and if you say,
‘I’ll be here when you’re
ready, love.
When you’re ready
to confess.

:: 09-01-2015 ::


no youth or age hides
from an Eternal Rule
the touch of vulnerability
we cry, “a miracle
so difficult! and blew my
eyes saying, Death is
a Miracle feeling no pain”
toward my pain feeling
long history //instanity
rolled a beach ball by the
hands of God! i wish to know
those secrets He keeps away
keeps unto the majestic
miracles–Father; we children
cry when we see the end of
loved ones
believing YOU: Funeral
of Victory!

:: 08-29-2015 ::