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We Hide What We Hate

SO you hid yourself within your flower (a perfect world
that threw away today) You, believing and so kind,
that wearing upon your smile you, unsuspecting me, wear me
too — oh, from a perfect world that threw me away
just today And the angels know the rest.

Better make you strong
Better make you fall
Just bleeding like a
fallen storyline
And you: from a perfect
world that’s inhumane
today, today, until
i am so small i will
love you.

And here is the answer.

:: 05-07-2016 ::
:: 11.30.2022 ::

A Moment of Time Within a City in Hot Summer

         A HOT SUMMER keeps my feet moving 
    BLUE WHALES never know how to do dancing
   summer days but it's alright you know it's

all right i say to the ocean life

         CRAZY ways how people cope within
        precedents of their behavior
       the beggar and the banker alike
      holding out eager hands for money
     but the street walk cooks the ankles of
    women and skaters in shorts -- but it's alright

Boy with a slinky drops his toy oh oh oh
down the Fairlane it goes passing by pedestrians
worshipping shopping and bus routes along the way

oh ah oh ooh — slinky don’t go / down a city drain
and into the labyrinth of under belly Souls.

Faith baY-baY-bee.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


SHE has a dream
He has the debt
She always has what she gets
He’s a dreamer in the ditch
He’s a pauper that never regrets
Together, smiles and frowns
Tagging along are universal clowns

He never said, “I do.”
She said, “Whatever it takes.”

Into the mist as they forget
it’s all for love and little kittens

She has a puppet string to my heart
He has the gold of a different kind.

Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta regret.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


SO i’m with you
and don’t wanna play
games with y0u
when i’m so sad
my heart withers
waiting here. So you
are outside of my
skin and i’m within
yours //
go ahead stab me
with words knives love me
still i’m with you
i don’t wanna be dead
but with you i live
so hoping for a smile
saw your eyes when you
stabbed me — come here
tell me how it felt when
we shared an oak tree
two backs leaning there
when you cried — withered
soul i kept you alive
and now you leave me
you are my everything almost
everyone i almost loved
and now i die without you

:: 10232015 ::


When I
sing into that night
alone and lonely
you’re there
but not in body
but my mind says so
and I reach out
and touch you
but you’re skin
betrays my touch

There’s frozen
eyes in my mind
nothing can
bring me down
not your pain
or mind —
and nothing
seems to kill me
no matter how hard
I try to taste
the love of you

Pain and delight
bring me — down

Love and pain
bring me —
your soul tonight

You’re everything
I need this night
you’re everything
I need in life —
nothing can break
me at all
I accept the fall

You’re everything
I need tonight
You’re everything
I need in life
I give you everything
I need
I give you everything
I own

Let’s give it the all
and let it be our fall
Nothing can break us
if we’re in the inside
love is all — be all